Add a new video

To add a new video, we need to create a video object first.

Then we will upload and attached a video to this video object.

Platform Overview

Add a new video

Add a new video

  1. Client call the api to add a new video: Add a new video
  2. Api request Mediachain to create new video object and return videoId
  3. Mediachain creates the object and send an event with the new video object data
  4. Systems listening for mediachain events get the new video object data:
    1. Catalog store the new video in the client catalog => then if request for the new videoId, the catalog service will be able to return the video data
    2. Data platform store the information and will be to use this information
    3. Webhook manager send a notification if there is a webhook configuration for this event type and client.


Video creation is asynchronous: catalog update is not instantaneous and if you are requesting it for this new video immediately after the creation it can be unvailable.

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