Video privacy

Video privacy defined if a video is public or private by setting the video public propertry to true or false.

Privacy setting can be update in the video editing page in the admin or by updating the video object's public property.

Public video

A public video is accessible by its video link url. There is no access restriction and everyone with this link can play the video.


Sharing a public video link means you cannot control who is watching your video and how many times is going to be played !

Private video

By default a video is private (public=false) and the default video url is not accessible and returns a 401 status code error.

To access a private video you need to to provide links with authentication token.

You can get a video object with token by calling the api return single video with the parameter 'token' set to true.

This endpoint is returning a video object with token integrated into the assets links:

  "id": "K01iUXB4MlB4M1VFWHdOOQ==",
  "title": "Video Title",
  "description": "My video description",
  "duration": 120,
  "status": "CREATED",
  "ctime": 1688305431,
  "mtime": 1688305503,
  "assets": {
    "thumbnail": "",
    "player": "",
    "stream": "",
    "iframe": "<iframe src=\"//\" gesture=\"media\" allow=\"encrypted-media\" allowfullscreen=\"allowfullscreen\" width=\"100%\"></iframe>"
  "public": false,


You should generate a new link each time you want to share a video player or stream.

Default settings

You can define the default privacy value for your video creation in the admin preferences.

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