Platform Overview

42videobricks provides API to developers to ease video feature integration in their own IT systems.

42videobricks Platform Overview

42videobricks Platform Overview

The API is a layer that simplified and secure access to part of our IT platforms and services:

  • Mediachain Platform
  • Catalog Service
  • Data Platform
  • Webhook Service

Platforms and services

Mediachain Platform

The Mediachain is the heart of 42videobricks because it provides all the main video features:

  • Video meta data storage and management
  • Video ingestion management (upload & transcoding)
  • Video streaming

Catalog Service

The catalog get the video and build a dedicated catalog for each registered account.

Each catalog provides features to manage video:

  • video metadata query seach
  • video delivery management (public/private, DRM, device specific)
  • video tag management (soon)
  • video list management (soon)
  • extra metas management (soon)

Data Platform

The data platform collect and aggregate data to provides kpis

  • usage kpi
  • in depth video kpi (soon)
  • trigger threshold alarms (soon)

Webhook Service

The webhook service allows us to push notification to customer.

For each webhooks, the customer can set a specific endpoints url and choose which notifications type he want to receive.

Currently, 2 types of notification are available:

  • VIDEO_STATUS: notify each time the video is updated or its status change
  • VIDEO_TRANSCODING_PROGRESS: notify the progress of the video transcoding