Video Object

A video is not only a video file which can be displayed by a video player, it is also a set of properties (and meta-datas) such as title, description, tags, ... which are helping to manage it.

42videobricks provides a structured video object to manage video properties:

    "id": "K01iUXB4MlB4M1CCCWHNORw==",
    "title": "Video title",
    "description": "My video description",
    "duration": 600,
    "status": "AVAILABLE",
    "ctime": 1688113015,
    "mtime": 1688139012,
    "assets": {
        "thumbnail": "",
        "player": "",
        "stream": "",
        "iframe": "<iframe src=\"//\" gesture=\"media\" allow=\"encrypted-media\" allowfullscreen=\"allowfullscreen\" width=\"100%\"></iframe>"
    "public": true,

Video object properties:

  • id: video unique id
  • title: video title
  • description: video description
  • status: video status (only "AVAILABLE" video can be played). More about video status
  • duration: video length in second
  • ctime: video object creation date (timestamp)
  • mtime: last video object modification
  • public: video privacy. More about video privacy
  • assets: links (url)
    • thumbnail: url to the video thumbnail image
    • player: url to a web page with the video embedded in our player, ready to play (private video need an authentication token)
    • stream: url to the video stream to integrate in your own video player (private video need an authentication token)
    • iframe: url to an iframe that allow you to embedded in hour web page our video player ready to play (private video need an authentication token)


Once the video object is created, the video file can be uploaded and attached to it.

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