42videobricks provides 3 distinct API environments (each environement has its own video storage):

  • sandbox ( the sandbox environment provide a free to use environment to test the api. This environment is limited for testing the api and has limitation such as (video upload size, video deletion after 24h and number of api calls)
  • production ( the production environment remove the sandbox limitations and is accessible after subscribing to the service. You pay as you use: billing is based on your usage of the platofrm. more on (www.42videobricks/pricing). This is the environment by default on the admin portal.
  • staging: ( the staging environment is similar to the production environment (data are isolated from production data) and can be used for testing your system before deploying in production.


Production and staging API are sharing the same usage plan.


Most of the documentation is availble on this developer portal.

  • Developer guide
  • API referrences

Web site

Commercial web site:


The admin is the entry point to register to 42videobricks and subscribe to the service.

It allow a new user:

  • to create a 42videobricks account and a user to connect to the admin

It allow a connected user:

  • to manage api keys
  • to manage user profile and activity
  • to manage his subscription to the service
  • to access to simple UI connected to the API:
    • to manage videos (create, upload, update and delete)
    • to display usage data and kpis
    • to manage webhooks

What’s Next