How to create a playlist and add a video?

There is two ways of creating a playlist and add a video,

1. Create a playlist via Video page

In order to create a playlist, you need to go in the “Video” tab and select the video(s) of your choice.

Once you have selected your video, click on “Add to a playlist”

Click on “Create a Playlist” or select the playlist you want if it's already existing.

Choose a title and a description(optional) for your playlist

Click on “Create” to create your playlist.

Congrats ! Your playlist has been created and your video has been added.
You can now find your playlist in the tab “Playlists”

2. Create a playlist via video detail page

Another way of creating your playlist and adding a video is to go on the video details page.
Once you’re on it, click on the button “Add to a playlist”

You either can add the video to an existing playlist or create a new one by clicking on Create a playlist

Select the playlist or Click on create a playlist and follow the same steps as for the first method.

How to edit a playlist

If you want to edit your playlist you can go to the tab “Playlists”
Click on “Edit” next to the playlist you want to edit.

Here you can edit all the fields you want.
Once done, click on Save.

How to change the order of my video in a playlist

To change the order video(s) in your playlist, go on the tab Playlists.
Click on edit next to the playlist you want to edit

Here, you can sort by the creation date of the video (not the date it was added to the playlist but the date the video was created)

You can also drag and drop the video on the list where you want

How to delete a video in my playlist

To delete a video, go on the tab “Playlists”
Once there, click on edit next to the playlist you want to edit

On the list of videos, click on the checkbox next to the video you want to delete (If you want to select all the videos you can click on the top checkbox.)
Then click on the button Delete. You can delete as much video as you want at the same time by selecting them.

How to delete a playlist

To delete a playlist, go on the tab “Playlists”
Click on Delete next to the playlist you want to delete.

Find on which playlist(s) appears a video

If you go into the details of a video (Library tab -> Edit video) you can see on which playlist(s) this video has been added.

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