Player Customization

In this section you can customize the player by changing the colors and adding a logo to your videos.

Change colors

You have the possibility to customize different parts of the player :

Primary Color

This part allows you to change the color of the Play Button, the text of the setting, the video progress bar and the sound bar

Primary Background

The primary background allows you to customize the header background of the setting

Primary Background Color

Primary background color allows to change the text header of the setting bar

Secondary Color

The secondary color allows to customize the icons and text time display of the player.

Tertiary Color

The tertiary color allows to customize the control bar background

Tertiary Background Color

The tertiary background color allows to customize the text color of the setting (quality and speed)

Add logo

You can also decide to add a logo on your videos. You can only add one logo that will be shown in all your videos.

In order to do it, click on the button "Upload file"

Upload your logo (should be maximum 4mo and minimum 100x100px)

Click on save and check out on the Preview player the render of your logo