If you access to the detail page of the video you have the possibility to check and update the metadatas.

You have access to different informations such as:

  • Appears on the following playlist: Retrieve easily in which playlist(s) your video is
  • Video ID
  • Duration
  • Status
  • Privacy: Change the privacy of your video by making it public/private
  • Creation date
  • Tags: Create and add tags to your video
  • Video link: External link to your video
  • iFrame Code: Use it to integrate your video in your environment
  • Playlist: Click on the button to add the video to a playlist

Update metadatas

You can click on the edit button to update some of the metadatas such as:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Video
  • Thumbnail
  • Privacy
  • Tags

Once all your changes made you can click on Save and refresh the page to have the final version.